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Certified Translations

Technicalities of a legal, medical, or financial document cannot be overseen. Without proper handling of these documents serious monetary losses can occur. Moreover, governments have imposed certification in order to ensure that the documents translated are adhering to their local cultural and contextual needs. Even though previously these certifications were only mandatory with the legal documents such as marriage or birth certificates. However today some translated documents still need to be certified by the local governing bodies. This ensures that the translated document is authentic and in compliance with the needs of the third party, moreover, it ensures that there does not remain any loopholes in the document which can be used against you in the future.

At XYZ Translations we provide you with certified translation services. Not only do we have our own certified translators, empowered by our government in their field of expertise but we also certify other translated documents from the assigned government bodies. This process ensures that the document translated is formulated by a sworn translator, who has pledge allegiance to the government against any fraudulent activities. Moreover, we ensure that the document translated is certified by our local government to ensure that the authenticity of the documents remains intact in your local context as well. This is made possible because of the diverse team of linguists working at the XYZ Translation, which keeps the essence of the original document intact and also adheres to the required contextual and cultural needs as well.

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