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Professional Language Translation Services

XYZ Translations has been a part of the translation industry for a decade now. We have worked with various types of businesses and helped thousands of clients translate and understand information from one language to another. Since our debut, our relationships with clients and translators alike have allowed use to consistently grow to become one of the best in the industry.

We offer Translation and Interpretation services with principles of quality, integrity, innovation and quick turnaround time.

Our Motto: GO GLOBAL

With the worrying trends of businesses going internal we are providing our esteemed clients with tools to cope with the rising tides. When a business or organization goes international they come face to face with other diversified businesses that will operate and communicate often in different languages. But you have no reason to worry. Just give us your original text and business documents, and we’ll translate it for you in any given language. Hence, our motto: Go Global with your business.

Our Process

Our process is quite simple being composed of 3 steps:

  • The first step is you approaching us with your translation needs and we provide you with a quote that we’ll both agree upon.
  • Second, we assign a project manager to look after your task. A Project Manager’s job is to allocate it with the right linguist. He’ll look after your project and keep you in the loop.
  • Third, we enforce a quality control process on the translated document. It’ll go through a proof reading process by a native expert, who will be well versed in the language and context.

XYZ Translators enables you to engage with your clients more effectively. In today’s international financial, legal, medical, IT and technical industry, stakeholders appreciate the deals made in local language and minor details of knowing their customs could lead to successful business engagements. Our highly skilled and native linguists add value to the services we provide you. Along with which we also ensure:


At XYZ Translation we ensure catering a diversified clientele from across the globe. In doing so we have also allocated diverse native speakers from across the globe and employed in accordance with the volume of work we take from our clients.


As our employees are all native speakers, we also ensured that a project manager with the field knowledge is assigned to your product. Hence, the credibility of the translated services remains intact.


We assure you that your business and services always remain confidential with us. It is our priority to keep your needs and safety first. Moreover, it is also our assurance that even with the Express translation service, we don’t make any mistakes.


To ensure compliance with your needs and our own government’s regulating bodies, we have only employed experienced linguists who are either certified from the government.

Project Management

As soon as we accept your project, we assign you with a Project Manager who keeps you in the loop of the entire process until we formulate the final product you require. We take pride in stating that we are a company who customizes and tailors the translation services in accordance to the clients wants and needs.

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