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At XYZ Translations we provide you with interpreting services as well. Documented translations are not always required, sometimes the presence of someone who can interpret and contextualize the conversation adds value to the business deals. If you are visiting a foreign country to conduct a business meeting and are unaware of the local language and customs you don’t need to worry, we will provide you with interpreter who will aid you in conducting your meetings.

On site interpreters

Besides translation services we also provide interpreting services. Our onsite interpretation service entails that we will provide you with a native linguist. He’ll be well aware of the local customs and traditions and will be able to interpret the conversation to you step by step. Moreover, the personnel at XYZ Translation hold experience in legal, medical, technical and financial industry, therefore, there’s no error which could cause you a loss in a business meeting. In addition, our translator will also provide you with minutes of meeting in both the local and your desired language, allowing you to reflect and discuss with your organization and make a decision which suits you and your organization best.

Virtual Interpreters

In addition, we also provide Virtual Interpretation services where our native linguist stays with you on a video conference or on audio via skype. It’s not always necessary for you to travel the globe for every meeting but having an individual who is well versed in local customs, language and finance is a big plus for your translation needs.

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