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Legal translation

The team of XYZ Translations has been providing translation services in more than 140 languages since 2007. Over the course of the decade we ensured to assemble a diverse and multilingual team of individuals with strong legal backgrounds and qualifications. In order to satisfy the needs of our diverse clientele, we have formulated teams of expert legal translators where each member only deals with translations of their native language. This allows XYZ Translations to efficiently address the tasks with undeniable accuracy. Legal translation services we provide includes translations of patents, insurance contracts, financial agreements and company incorporation documents.

Legal texts often require literal translations, and with our diversified team of native translators, we are able to provide clients with flawless and definite results. Our team ensures that our legal translations are of same meaning as the original document without losing its true essence and the Laws which it embodies. Our aim has always been to provide unbiased translation, hence, whenever there are variations in the translated language, we provide explanations and variations in footnotes.

Most importantly we provide our clients with their own designated project managers to accommodate their unique legal demands. This allows our client to remain in constant touch with XYZ Translations, allowing us to keep them up to date with the process and accommodate their suggestions in the translation process. This aligns XYZ Translations services, with confidentiality, quality and price, thus setting the benchmark for efficiency and value for our clients’ time and money throughout the industry.

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