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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Staying up to date with emerging trends is important in order to ensure business expansion. However, if you are opting to create new software applications or designing a website in a completely different language, the process becomes quite hectic. At the end of the day it dosen’t matter how appealing the layout of your website or software is, if there is a single typo or error the integrity of the entire brand is shaken. This creates trust issues and lower rates of customer satisfaction and retention. Desktop publishing or DTP is when an IT expert duplicates any given document, into a new one which is ready for either publishing, printing or for online displays. DTP needs to be done efficiently in accordance with the customer’s needs.

At XYZ Translations, we are well aware of the significance of DTP, as utilizing an existing document (in native language) into a new translated one, and ensuring that it is error free, is quite significant. Hence, we provide you with multilingual desktop publishing services. This service entails that we assign you with a Manager who is a native speaker and can contextualize and relate to the target audience. You can outsource it to a third party IT firm and they can implement the content we provide to you as per your desired needs. We are well aware of the fact that DTP is not essential in every single case. However, in order ensure trust of your client and keeping the desired product rooted in the local culture we would advise you to opt for our Multilingual Desktop Publishing services.

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