Why should I choose XYZ Translations?

  • Quality – All of our professional translators are native speakers in the target language. They are chosen for their linguistic skills and experience. We always check our translations before dispatch.
  • Competitive Rates – As a translation agency using advanced project management solutions, we are able to drive down costs and guarantee maximum efficiency of our translation and localization, at lower prices.
  • Timing -– We understand that time plays a crucial role in the translation process. Even though we put an emphasis on quality, we produce our translations within your tight schedules.

How will I know that I will receive a quality translation from XYZ Translations?

  • XYZ Translations assures quality of our translations by applying quality, assurance, quality control, and the project management principles, as described in our Quality Commitment.
    Moreover, we provide FREE sample translations of your text before you place an order provided your source text contains at least 3,000 words. This sample translation, typically 150 source words in length, will give you a perspective of our translation quality and style. Sample text translations are typically completed within 24 hours.

I need my document translated quickly. Can you help me?

  • Yes. XYZ Translations has the resources to respond to urgent requests. Typical turn-around time for a 2000 word document is 24 hours or less.

What languages do you work in?

  • We work in more than 140 languages. Please visit our language page for a complete list.

What specific industries do you cover?

  • We have experience in providing quality translations in a wide range of subjects and industries. Click here for a list of our areas of expertise.

Do you proof read translations before delivering the final product?

  • Yes. A second linguist proofreads all of our translations before the final project is delivered. Finally, the editor makes sure the formatting looks like original.

Who are your translators?

  • Our network of translators is a constantly growing virtual community made up of dozens of translators, editors, proofreaders, and native language consultants from all over the world. Our philosophy is not simply to translate literally, but to transform the language so that cross-language meaning and tone are kept without compromising the message. We therefore ensure that our collaborators demonstrate professionalism, versatility, availability and experience in different sectors, supporting them with an efficient structure and checking the quality of the product at each stage.

How fast can your translators work?

  • Our translators deliver approximately 2,500 words per day. However, under tight deadlines, we will work with you to finish the project on time.

How can you return my documents?

  • In most cases we use e-mail to return documents. However, we can also use fax or courier, if requested.

Will my material be treated with confidentiality?

  • We understand the importance of proprietary information being treated as CONFIDENTIAL. If requested, XYZ Translations will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to assure the confidentiality of the document to be translated. All documents are stored in a secure environment and no proprietary information is ever released to any person or entity that is not bound by our non-disclosure agreement. Upon, the original documents are returned to the client.

How much will it cost?

  • Prices vary widely, Depending on the language pair, the subject matter and the timetable. The low end starts at US $0.17 per word. A minimum fee of US $60 applies to all orders. You should expect to pay more for specialty subjects (such as legal or medical) and for rush jobs. Increased fees also apply for projects that require more elaborate translation, such as ad copy or marketing material.

What is the pricing policy and terms?

  • For SMALL projects (under $100) we required the total fee prior to the execution of services.
  • For MEDIUM projects (between $100 and $1000) we request 50% of the total fee prior to the execution of services and the remaining 50% after delivery.
  • For LARGE projects ($1000 and up) we request 50% of the total fee prior to the execution of services and the remaining 50% after delivery.
  • For new customers, you are expected to pay before we execute services to ensure a smooth transaction. For established clients, we can discuss alternative payment schedules and terms

What forms of payments do you accept?

  • We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and US checks (using a secure online form) for small and medium projects and wire transfers for large projects.

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