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XYZ – Safe & Reliable Translation

No Compromises on Safeguarding Privacy

At XYZ, we understand the importance of client information. This includes any personal details that a client might share with us. It also means that all the documents that are shared with us by our clients will be safeguarded to the maximum degree.

Right from the beginning, XYZ realized the need for impenetrable methods of security. We don’t compromise on the tools and methods that we employ to keep client information safe and secure. Our clients know they can expect utmost secrecy from us regarding their business and personal details. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client when we do business with them. Moreover, to assure complete confidentiality, the translator assigned to each project also signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Guarantee of Absolute Reliability

The quality of work sent to the client is par excellence. Our clients have come to expect the best from us because we consistently deliver high quality work. XYZ passes all documents through the following stringent phases to ensure quality control:

Factoring in Localization

A translation isn’t just the conversion of a document from one language to another. A significant amount of effort is put into a piece of text so it would sound exactly right and make sense. XYZ has become synonymous with translations that clients can rely on. We factor in localization. When a document is translated at XYZ, our translators work hard to ensure that the nuances of the language are not ignored. Depending on the region of the world, certain terms, phrases, and colloquialisms must be a part of certain translated documents. We ensure that differences, such as between English spoken in US, UK, and Australia, are not lost in translation. Linguistic translations by XYZ have an assumed effect. This helps a reader understand the text and elicits a specific emotional response from them. Additionally, we offer translation in over 140 languages.


Each translated document is passed through multiple rounds of proofreading to ensure complete accuracy. XYZ believes in complete client satisfaction and takes every step to make that happen.

Employment of Latest Technology

Accomplishing production of high quality translation with such efficiency and consistency is XYZ specialty. It wouldn’t be possible without the use of specialized translation assistance tools. Our translators are able to speed up the translation process by employing these tools. Counting words, capturing repetitive phrases, and suggestions of phrases better suited to the context are all possible due to these tools.

Exemplary Work Ethics

All our Project Managers and translators are consummate professionals. Consequently, their work ethics are beyond reproach. All translations are delivered in a timely manner. All translated documents are vetted thoroughly for any inconsistencies before they are sent to the client.

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