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Experienced Translators

The Beginning

Our team came together to form our translation company a decade ago.. You might be familiar with the work it has done and the clients that it has served. As the company met success after success, our team added to their already formidable font of knowledge. Every project that we handled and processed became a milestone towards a new beginning, and here we are now, from a small company that started by offering translation services, to a name widely known and trusted in the translation arena.

Making Our Presence Known

Our project managers have complete confidence in our translators’ abilities, having handled many translation projects. After all, we’ve been in the game for a decade now.

Our dynamic team is now ready to surpass borders and have the rest of the world as our client. Our business is in the right position to offer its services to the US and beyond. With surefootedness, we take our company to a global scale because of extensive experience. We have handled projects for the biggest corporations, fortune 500 companies, and budget entities.

Our clients have belonged to various industries, including marketing, medical, automotive, law, etc., which leaves us in a unique position. Regardless of the industry your business is a part of, we can provide you completely customized and industry-relevant translations available in over 140 languages.

Boasting a Team Of Professional, Inspired Translators

We owe our success to the highly educated professional translators who have been a part of our team from the very beginning. With years of experience in translating under their belts, you can expect high quality results from them each time. Our translators keep polishing their skills by continuing to be a part of postgraduate and doctoral studies. You will also find many of the translators on our team are members of translators' professional organizations, such as American Translators Association. We also have specialists hailing from particular sectors who understand the technical specifications required to translate documents for engineers, doctors, lawyers, economists etc.

Regardless of their field of specialization, all our translators have two things in common: a passion for translation and the dedication to provide the best results to our clients, both of which drives them to the heights of success.


We know the importance of translations in business, which is why you will only find professional translators on our team. Once a client’s document has been translated, we go the extra mile by hiring proofreaders to double check the translation. We only deliver results after meticulous work that includes ensuring that matters of localization and cultural differences are never neglected.

Quality of Service

Our aim is to keep things client-centric which is why we also support documents exchange via email/ drives/ clouds or other instant means. Client requests never have to face delays. In the near future, we plan to become ISO Certified and become members of American Translators Association. The care we show to our clients is returned to us tenfold when they appreciate our work and continue doing business with us.

The formidable expertise XYZ has on their translation team is unmatched. Our clients continue to show their appreciation for our hard work by working with us:

1. Our translation experts have handled projects for giant corporations, fortune 500 companies, and budget entities. Consequently, they are ideally suited to translate most kinds of projects for translation. They are well versed in handling jobs for organizations of different sizes and types.

2. Our talented translators have also worked with clients from most industries such as marketing services, medical, film, automotive industries and plenty more. Therefore, they are familiar with the rules and norms that apply to each type of industry.

3. When needed, contracted translators are hired. XYZ only contracts translators who hold professional accreditations to ensure that the quality of work is unmatched! Many of them are also a part of the professional tranlsational body, American Translators Association.

4. Our translating team is continuously involved in the acquisition of more knowledge and experience. Therefore, many of them decide to continue their studies and conduct postgraduate and doctoral studies.

5. XYZ also has specialists from particular sectors on their team. When a client contacts us for translation that will be specific to an industry, the engineers, doctors, lawyers, and economists make it happen. These professionals know which specific terms and phrase should be used and which ones to avoid.

6. Many members of the translation team are bilingual, which adds to their already impressive skill set.

7. The translators working with XYZ allow us to offer our clients translational services in over 140 languages! When they translate material into a specific language, the translators keep the importance of localization in mind. The translated documents factors in the cultural differences and local diction for a flawless finish.

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